Alexander Augustus & Seung youn Lee

Do Not Believe Me
"The Birds Who Stayed & The Birds Who Left"
31 Letters from August
Self Portrait / 자화상: 모든 존재는 여행을 한다.
The Crown of Numbers
OH MY GOD: The Church of Chonsa
OH MY GOD: Angel Drawings
OH MY GOD: The Family of the Red Cross
OH MY GOD: The Journey of God
A Dangerous Figure: Young and Unemployed in the UK
Hidden Face: Asian Migrant Ambassadors for South Korea
The Butterflies of Andokbul / 안덕벌의 나비들
Walking on the Sea
Orchogany: Eleven Roof Gods Reborn. 어처구니: 다시 태어난 11신
The Gate of Silence
OH MY GODS:2100년 샤먼 그리고 도깨비 바람
Here in the Beginning, There at the End
OH MY GODS:2100년 무당, 천사 그리고 스토리텔러
Democratic Pressure
The Streets of Daejeon 2050 : The Artience Camp
Shadow City
A Dangerous Figure: Graphic Novel
Book Cover Design
The Cult of Janus
Dr. Gentle and Mr. Man : Fashion show
Dr.Gentle and Mr.Man : Interventions
Talking Crest
Pipe Nest
Chair & Chairs
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