he Artiecne Camp is a site-specific future forecasting workshop, funded by Artience and Creative Directed by The Bite Back Movement. Through a range of research and analysis techniques, exciting and imaginative new ideas have been generated to prototype the future of Daejeon! The artists and designers hail from 6 different countries including England, Korea, Colombia, France, Estonia and India and each group has based their project on scientific research done by the KAIST Phd, MA and BA students. The school children have worked alongside the professionals throughout this project and created industry-standard storyboards outlining the uses, benefits and social implications of the imagined technologies.

-Artists/ Designers: Alexander Augustus (England) Seung youn Lee (Korea), Soumya Basnet (India), Felipe Palacio (colombia), Maxance Mauduit (France), Helen Sirp (Estonia)

-Scientists: Junsun Ahn, Geumsung Kim, Sungsil Kim, Dongjae Lee, Hyunjae Lee, Richard Park, Donghyuk Kim. 

-Students: Junhyong Kim 외 30students
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