Chair & Chairs was an urban regeneration project, a temporary installation which involved asking locals to give a chair and a personal story. These chairs spread in lines throughout the city of Maribor, and weaved in and out of hidden courtyards where a number of artist films were playing. The project comments on the current emptiness throughout the city of abandoned buildings, and the socialist ethos which is still prevalent in this area.
슬로베니아 Maribor에서 진행된 공공미술작업으로 집집마다 안쓰는 의자, 버려진 건물에서 나오는 의자등등을 가지고 나와 설치했다. 버려진 의자를 가지고나와 사람들과 함께 인터렉할수 있는  공간을 만들었으며 그것과과 더불어 벽에는 Maribor 도시 특유의 쓸쓸하고 조용한 느낌의 영상을 함께 틀어 전시하였다. 
The Team: Lizon Tijus, Margherita Poggiali, Flavia D’Amico & Alexander Augustus, in collaboration with Kibla.
Commissioned for the Maribor City of Culture 2012, in collaboration with Kibla & Central Saint Martins, as part of the EUPA project.
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