Dr.Gentle and Mr.Man : Interventions

Present by: The Bite Back Movement: Seung Youn, Lee ‘British people are shy. Many people read books in the crowded tube because they want escape eye contact with strangers. It is really easy to hear ‘I am sorry’ everywhere in London even if they do not really bump into each other. But at the same time British people can be really outgoing. Friday night drinking in the pub, shouting and dancing on the street, beer, club, parties are linked inextricably with British people’Exploring and comparing the two personalities and behaviour engraved in British culture; Exploring and comparing the two personalities and behaviour engraved in British culture; The 18th century stiff upper lip meets the extreme in club-counterculture. Design inspiration is from 18-century costumes, during this time it was completely natural to show and express emotion. Experimentation with various sites and audience’s shows interesting differences in how people interact with this art piece. Interactive wearable objects combine those two opposites, the objects cast colours and lights, shifting from dark to bright, depending on the movement. This art piece observes how they transform their quiet personalities, to their extreme behaviour and dramatic attitude. These wearable objects react to social behaviour and movement, illustrating the difference between today’s young British people. Project by: The Bite Back Movement: Seung Youn, Lee Objects concept & design by: Seung Youn, Lee Objects Lilypad programming: Jaechang Shim Film by: Eva Vestmann. Performer: Milk Presents: Ruby Glaskin, Adam Robertson Alexander Augustus Laura Dee Milnes Justine Potin Rachel Woodham Alenka bani

This project consists of wearable interactive objects reacting to the social behaviour and movement of today’s young British people. The pieces extract two perceived personas of British people and comments on their extreme behaviours – drinking culture and polite formality. The project is a portable environment and occurs in various sites.
이 프로젝트는 영국의 젊은이들의 사회적 행동에 반응하는 인터렉티브 오브젝트로 구성되어있다. 영국인들의 이중성( 예의바름 / 음주문화 )에 관해 오브젝을 착용하고 여러 다른 상황에서 퍼포먼스를 통해 작품을 표현하였다. 18세기 빅토리아 시대의 의상의 영감과 릴리패드의 테크놀로지를 이용하였다. 오브젝을 착용하고 몸을 움직이면 움직일수록 몸에 달린 LED가 밝아진다. 
The Team: Seung Youn Lee & The Bite Back Movement, Jaechang Shim (ARDUINO programming), Eva Vestmann (Film), Performers (see film credits).
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