This project is a performance piece commissioned by Secret Garden Party music festival 2012. The collaborative piece consists of an art film, recording our interactions with on-lookers and the effect of our costumes. The masks and collars combine elements from Eastern and Western material culture, and the many faces represent a multiplicity of personality. The mask faces were cast from each of the international performers, and covered with photographic images of their real face.
인간의 다양한 아이덴티티에 관해 표현한 작품으로 영국 뮤직페스티벌 Secret Garden Party 에 퍼포머로 당선되어 작품설치 및 공연을 진행했다. 동양의 오르가미 스타일 형식과 머리의 가채 스타일, 서양의 야누스 형상에서 영감을 받아 작품이 디자인되었다. 

The Bite Back Movement: Alexander Augustus, Seung Youn Lee.
Production and performance: Seung Hyeon Ahn, Ella Hewetson, Lety Lozano, Szu-Wen Wang, Tomo Yamane, Hyein Ryu.

Photography, film & editing: Carolina Aguirre & Sara Kyurkchieva
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