Bite Back was approached by Bellyflop Magazine to design a portable and interactive installation for their fringe performances in Umbrella Dance festival 2013. We resolved to create 13 30x30cm wooden panels which could be placed on overhead projectors to create dynamic and interactive light installations. The panels can be overlayed, rotated, moved and reversed by visitors during performances, giving the shows a dynamic and spontaneous quality. Alternately, the performers can change the scenes and effects of the installation during their performances. Dance Umbrella and Arts Council funded.

Dance Umbrella 2013 에 참가하는 BELLYFLOP Magazine을 위한 무대 디자인 프로젝트! 30x30cm 나무패널로 제작된 상상의 도시 이미지. OHP를 이용한 그림자 작업으로 참여자들은 패널을 바꿔가며 그들만의 도시의 이미지를 만들어내게 되는 인터렉티브 무대 설치물이다. Dance Umbrella and Arts Council 후원.
Photography by: Camilla Greenwell, Heegu Yang , The Bite Back Movement.
Environment and catalogue design by: The Bite Back Movement.
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